See what the Lord is doing around the world!

God is doing amazing things around the world, and we would love to show you the mission he has given David C Cook to do.


Love old cars? Love foreign cigars? Want to see the amazing work God is doing in the country? This is the trip for you.

Ivory Coast

The Ivory Coast is one of the best places to see Life on Life in action. You will be able to interact with the students and ministry leaders who are using this amazing program.


Have you ever wanted to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro? Want to observe and play games with a school full of children who use Life on Life?  Choose this trip.


There is no obligation by signing up. Just let us know you're interested and we will get you all of the details.



"As a long time donor of Cook, I had a pretty good idea of how our gifts were used in the publication and dissemination of Christian resources throughout the world. What was most surprising, and something that solidified my commitment to Cook, was the mission Cook has to evangelize this country beyond handing out books and such. The trip overall was a lot of fun, with a really good group to spend time with. Cook put on a very memorable experience, once that I would not hesitate to endorse."



"The trip I took with David C Cook to Cuba was outstanding. The trip was designed to allow us to experience a bit of the Cuban culture, but more importantly, to see how God is working through organizations like Cook to spread the Gospel message. The Cuban Church is experiencing dynamic growth and as a result there is a tremendous demand for education and training resources... As a Cook supporter, the trip really enhanced my understanding and appreciation of the resources Cook offers, the passion of their people and how thye work with local ministries and churches to spread the Gospel"

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