A Homicide Detective Makes the Case for A More Reasonable, Evidential Christian Faith.

by: J. Warner Wallace

“Today, too many evangelical Christians would rather ‘feel’ their faith than actually understand and defend it. With biblical precision, solid evidence and masterful reasoning, Jim Wallace challenges believers to both embrace and make a thoughtful and intellectually robust case for historic Christianity. Forensic Faith is exactly what the church needs today!”

Janet Mefferd

Nationally syndicated Christian radio personality and host of Janet Mefferd Today

Jake Hibbs

“Perhaps, more today than ever, Christians need to be able to defend what they believe and why they believe it, and to do so with passion and proof. In this book, J. Warner Wallace reminds us that the truth is fearless and so should be every true believer.”

Senior Pastor of Calvary Chapel Chino Hills and host of Real Life with Jack Hibbs

“J. Warner Wallace’s Forensic Faith completes the trilogy of wonderful books making the evidentiary case for the historicity and veracity of the Christian faith in language that twenty-first Americans can clearly and readily understand. I have seldom seen an approach to verifying the truth claims of the Christian faith that is more effective than the one taken by ‘God’s police detective,’ J. Warner Wallace. Buy two copies of this book. Read one and keep it, and share one with a lost friend.”

President of Southern Evangelical Seminary

Dr. Richard Land

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In God's Crime Scene, Former atheist and seasoned cold-case detective J. Warner Wallace applies time-tested investigative tools and techniques to examine the universe as a crime scene. Does the evidence “inside the room” of the universe point to a Divine Intruder?
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